Moisturize: The Spring Beauty Routine You Need Right Now!

Now that the never-ending winter seems to have finally ended, the cold, dry weather is mostly behind us. That is, except for our skin and hair. Does your beauty routine need a spring makeover?

Winter does a number on us in so many ways. Not only does it force us inside where we’re perpetually tempted to binge-watch and binge-snack the season away, but the combo of that canned indoor heat and raw outdoor chill can cause our skin and hair to stress out too.

So to kick off the spring season, we’re all about two very important words for your hair and skin beauty routines: moisturize and moisturize!

Start to bring sleek shine and luster back to your hair no matter how hard the winter was on it.

-Deep moisture oil treatments like coconut, avocado, or olive oil. Start at the ends, working copious amounts of the oil onto your hair. Leave on for several hours or overnight before shampooing out.

-If a deep oil treatment is too much (especially for thinner hair), opt for a conditioning treatment. Zatik’s Olive Black Seed Conditioning Cream or Coconut Calendula deep moisturizing conditioner can be left on the hair for 30-60 minutes for a deeply hydrating moisture treatment. And use our luscious Hair Food Organic Oil Blend on dry hair to give it shine and keep frizz away.

Skin takes a beating over the winter, too, and restoring balance is key in early spring.

-Try hydrating masks such as avocado, honey, or yogurt for balancing and rejuvenating.

-Use a toner throughout the day to keep moisture locked into your skin. It also helps reduce puffiness and irritation. Try Zatik’s Chamomile and Blue Cornflower Toner.

-Amp up your moisture regimen with a luxe moisture treatment in the morning and at night. Give the Zatik Sea-Buckthorn and Apricot moisturizer a try, or the Argan and Yarrow, which also offers sun protection, a crucial consideration as there’s more sun this time of year.

Don’t forget your lips!

Did winter leave you with cracked, dry, chapping lips? Exfoliate those with a mix of brown sugar and coconut or jojoba oil. Then slather on the lip balm, coconut oil, or beeswax-based lip balms for maximum moisture. Or give our Rosehip and Black Seed Oil a try–it’s a perfect oil for the rest of the face, too.

What’s your favorite moisturizing treatment? Let us know on the Zatik Facebook page!

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