Love the Skin You're In

Today the beauty, fashion, and diet industries in our society all promote the sense that we are not acceptable the way we are. It can be easy to compare ourselves to others and forget to practice self love. At Zatik we believe in loving yourself and treating yourself and your skin the way it deserves. Here are some ways that will help you love the skin you’re in!

  1. Banish the Inner Critic. Often times we bully ourselves into believing we are not good enough the way we are; this undermines our self-esteem and well-being. If you find yourself saying nasty put-downs about your appearance, replace this noxious inner voice with affirming words of acceptance and love, knowing that you are uniquely lovely exactly the way you are. Consider using a mantra or phrase that reminds you to refuse to engage in internal messages of inadequacy.
  2. Drink & Eat A Balanced Diet. Get real about what you eat. Being honest opens the door to better habits. You can still eat what  you love but just change it a bit for the better. It’s the most common, and most talked about thing, both in regards to anti-aging but also our health in general. When our body is dehydrated it can also show on our skin, and due to our bodies being made up of 55-70% water, it is something that makes a great difference. Both inside and out.
  3. Get Clear On Your Motivation. Know who you are doing it for, what you want to achieve, and why you want to do it. If your motives are for anything other than your own personal benefit, then you may need to rethink what you are doing. Changing for a partner, because you want to fit in with folks who snicker about how you look, or hoping to squeeze into a dress for a reunion may lead to only temporary results. Love yourself enough to get clear on the intent behind your actions.
  4. Go Natural. When it comes to makeup, don’t aim to cover up your skin — instead, just enhance it. The natural look is “in” right now, whether you have pale skin and freckles or deep mahogany skin. Natural makeup doesn’t mean no makeup. Everyone can use a little help now and then to reduce the appearance of blemishes and other small imperfections. Use a sheer foundation or tinted moisturizer that matches the natural tone of your skin. 
  5. Treat Your Skin Right. Loving your skin means using healthy, natural products and practices necessary to treat it right. In addition to sunscreen, use cleansers, moisturizers and other skin care products that are suited to your skin type. Never go to sleep with your makeup on.

What tips do you have for treating your skin right and practicing self love?

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