FDA Monograph and Sanitizer Formula

Since the release of our new Zatik Hand Sanitizers, we have gotten many questions about how we produced our moisturizing formula. Well, when the pandemic began to spread more and more earlier this year, it was evident that people were more and more in need of hand sanitizer. Day by day, it became increasingly difficult to find and purchase a bottle. So, after considering this fact and looking into what it takes to produce and manufacture hand sanitizer, we made the decision to step up and create our own formula.

Like many others, you may be wondering: What makes the Zatik Hand Sanitizer formula different from the others? The first and biggest factor that separates our formula is that it is incredibly moisturizing, and not drying like most other sanitizers out there. The main reason why we chose to make it this way is because we wanted to make sure that people who used our product, especially nurses and doctors, did not experience dry hands after use.

A second characteristic that differentiates our hand sanitizer formula is our incorporation of essential oils. We use three essential oils, which are lavender, orange, and tea tree. Although these impact the scent of our product, that is not the only purpose of using them. Essential oils are very effective because they increase moisture, contain important nutrients, and perfectly compliment the bacteria-attacking component of the alcohol within the formula, allowing the product to better fight the dirt and bacteria on the hands.

Lastly, we use a plant-based denaturing agent, rubbing alcohol (isopropanol, 200 proof). We always make sure to follow and check C of A’s (Certificates of Analysis) in order to avoid all potentially toxic or harmful ingredients. As a result, those who use our hand sanitizers can be certain that our formula does not incorporate anything whatsoever that is going to hurt their skin. We would like to finish up by explaining the reasoning as to why the older version of our hand sanitizer labels reflect that the product includes 66% alcohol. Before the pandemic began, the FDA monograph for the production of hand sanitizer stated that the product must contain at least 60% alcohol per bottle. However, after the pandemic, they updated the percentage and bumped it up to 80%. Therefore, since we follow and stay up to date with the FDA’s recommendations, we always try our best to modify and update our formulas to fit what the FDA suggests.

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  • I love mine. I just bought more because of the sale. Thank you. I also bought shampoo, so excited to get it. I wasn’t sure but Shayna used it and that’s good enough for me. It’s also affordable.

    Nora Hatcher

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