A New Skin Care Brand launches every 24 hours!

Everyday a new skin care brand is launched. We are living in an economy where launching brands has become as easy as registering a business. Did you know that only 3% of United States businesses are manufacturing? The rest are private labeled.


What is private label: it is simply product produced by a manufacturer for someone else. This means 97% of the products on the shelves of a brick and mortar store or online have been produced by the 3% of the manufacturers.

Per Hollywood Report yesterday Millie Bobby Brown, 15 years old actress, from Stranger Things,  launched her new vegan beauty and skin care line called Florence by Mills.

WWD.com reported that 18 hours ago influencer Diana Madison launched her own skin care brand.

In May Kylie Skin Care launched as well.   This means as a consumer you have to be educated to know which products you select for your skin and how much to pay for the product. Today there are more selections and being educated to select the right product is almost impossible.

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