7 Sun Protection Tips for Your Hair (Yes, Your Hair!)

When we think of that summer sun blazing down on us, we think of protecting our skin. But what about our hair? If summer sun protection for your hair isn’t on your radar yet, it should be.

The sun is an equal opportunity scorcher. It does what it does and it’s up to you to protect your body – including your hair – lest you pay the price: dry, brittle, damaged hair. And if your hair is already a victim of abuse (frequent coloring, flat or curling irons, etc), it’s especially at risk of sun damage.

Minimize the sun damage to your hair with these tips:

  1. Trim it: Of course you probably want long flowing hair for summer, but already damaged ends can look way worse after a long, hot summer. Keep your hair trimmed to minimize the damage.
  2. Avoid excess heat: Likewise, relying too much on hair dryers and irons can, well, dry your hair out. Getting in the sun is like a second round of blow drying, so opt for air-drying in the warmer months.
  3. Nourish your hair: Just like you need to eat right for your skin, your hair loves the same attention. Lots of healthy fats, foods rich in biotin, and of course, copious amounts of water help to keep hair healthy and shiny.
  4. Swim smart: If you dive into the pool as soon as Memorial Day rolls around, you’re going to want to invest in a good swim cap. As unflattering as they may look, they do protect your hair from the chlorine (or salt) damage.
  5. Cover up in direct sun: A hat is going to provide some protection from the sun, but for long hair, not so much unless you tuck it into your hat or wrap it in a scarf.
  6. Condition, condition, condition! As in turn the water off, get out of the shower for half an hour and THEN rinse the conditioner out. You can also include a deep conditioning hair mask once a week or every other week to boost hydration and keep your locks looking healthy.
  7. Reduce washes: You’re probably washing your hair too much already. But in summer? You can cut the washing way down. In fact, you can simply just condition your hair a few times a week and wash it only once or twice a week. Unless you have a specific scalp condition that requires frequent washing, a good conditioning should be all your hair needs during the hot days of summer.

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