7 Argan Oil Benefits That’ll Make It Your Beauty BFF

When it comes to oils with benefits for skin and hair: coconut oil is the clear winner. Its popularity is certainly merit-based; coconut oil is nothing short of miracle for the body—inside and out. But there are plenty of other oils with good-for-you benefits worthy of praise, including the rising star argan oil and its many benefits.

Like many oils, argan oil comes from a tree nut of the argan tree, which is prized by Moroccans as a miracle tree of sorts. The argan trees are exclusive to the region, making them all the more special. So special, in fact, that UNESCO has protected the region, known as the “Arganeraie Biosphere Reserve.”

But don’t worry that using argan oil is depleting or damaging the reserve. Most argan is harvested by women in small cooperatives vital to the Berber community. This sustainable practice promotes reforestation and it’s such a vital industry for the country, supporting about ten percent of Moroccans. That’s some oil!

So what does argan do for you?

1. Moisturizing: Argan oil is a nutrient-rich super oil loaded with vitamins A and E, as well as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids all vital for skin and hair, making it a most reliable and excellent moisturizer.

2. Skin toning and healing: Both vitamins A and E are critical to boosting skin health, including speeding healing and recovery, reducing the signs of aging, and reducing breakouts. That’s good for skin that looks and is healthy year-round.

3. Makeup removal: Like any oil, argan is excellent at removing makeup from the skin, including heavy eye makeup. Just be sure to avoid getting it in your eyes unless you don’t mind a little oily, blurry vision for a bit.

4. Healthy and strong hair: Argan oil has a reputation for being one of the best oils for hair—maybe even more so than coconut oil. Credit goes to its moisturizing abilities, where it sinks deep into the hair follicle, literally making it shinier and silkier from the inside out.

5. Bye-bye split ends! Argan’s super healing and moisturizing benefits can make it your BFF in the battle against split ends. While nothing will get rid of them once you have them (except for a trim), using argan oil on your hair regularly can keep them from occurring so quickly.

6. Healthy scalp: If dandruff or dry scalp are recurring issues, you’re going to want to give argan a go. It’s effective in nourishing not only the hair, but the often-neglected scalp that can become dry and irritated by conventional hair care products.

7. De-Frizz: Most any oil applied to the hair will help reduce frizziness, but because argan doesn’t leave hair super greasy, it can be left on like a leave-in conditioner, particularly helpful during frizzy hair season. You can do deep conditioning like overnight hair masks with argan to help reduce frizz and boosting shine.

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