5 Easy and Totally Natural Tips for Glowing Skin

What’s better than healthy skin? How about luminescent-just-fell-from-the-stars looking skin? Okay. Maybe that’s a stretch, but with our tips for natural skin care, you may find yourself feeling like you descended from the stars, if not the heavens above.

First, though, what does “glowing skin” really mean? No, we’re not talking oily or greasy, although, that can certainly give you a glow of sorts. According to Glamour magazine, “glowing” might be the most overused word when it comes to aspirational skin goals. And we certainly don’t want to glow in a radioactive neon kind of way, either, right?

What most women (and men!) aspire to with glowing skin is not only healthy and clean skin, but balanced, blemish-free, with redness in all the right places (cheeks, lips), and maybe, just maybe, a hint of dewiness—you know, as if your fall from the stars landed you right into a fairy forest bed of damp flowers.

Glowing skin should not be a stereotype or a slant to women who have problem skin—it’s a goal that can be achieved by anyone, anytime. Here are our top tips for glowing skin.

  1. Glow from within: Yeah, yeah it’s maybe hokey, and we’ll certainly get to some more practical applications in a bit, but if you’re lacking confidence or an inner fire, it’s going to show up on your face if nowhere else. Love your life, even the hard parts, and live with confidence and commitment to achieve that inner glow.
  2. Eat clean: You knew this one was coming! But how can you expect your skin or any part of your body (inside or out) to glow if you’re eating junk food? Eat healthy whole foods, including lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and of course, lots and lots of water.
  3. Wash and exfoliate properly: Like the food we eat, what we put on our skin matters. Stay away from harsh cleansers that may irritate your skin. Instead, stick with natural soaps with gently ingredients. And instead of using harsh scrubbing cleansers, use gentle fruit acid exfoliants to reveal healthier skin.
  4. SPF: Of course a little bit of sun will give you an almost instant glow, but without sun protection by way of a strong SPF, you risk serious skin damage that will do the opposite of get you glowing.
  5. Moisturize effectively: Our skin goes through phases—sometimes we need more moisture than others. You’ll get to know your skin’s signs the more you pay attention. Sometimes you might need a simple, straight moisture treatment like pure argan or jojoba oil. Other times you may need a richer moisturizer based in butters like shea or cocoa butter. Oftentimes though, you’ll need something in the middle, a hydrating moisture product that can keep your skin balanced, and of course, glowing.

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