This is honestly, hands down, the most darling company I’ve ever had the pleasure of buying from. They are so considerate of delivery timing, orders, and customer needs. I’ve bought from them twice so far and I will always come back to them when I’m in need. The first time, there was a hand written little note thanking me and a free deodorant included. This second time, they emailed me apologizing that my order would be delayed and gave me free samples as well as a wonderful smelling Lavender Sage Deodorant. It rolls on easily, doesn’t irritate me though I’m sensitive to deodorants, and it smells heavenly. I normally just put on essential oils, but I like this better! (I also ordered the Coconut Calendula deep conditioner and Neem Bay Leaf shampoo, so I will leave a review of those on their site once I’ve used them.)
As you can see, not only is their customer service wonderful and worthwhile… So are their products! A little bit goes a very long way, so they last for ages. They’re the healthiest and most natural product I’ve found on the market. This company is truly a gem. If I could give them more five stars I would. I look forward to trying more of their products in the future!

Jenny M - Lavender Sage Roll on Deodorant