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Zatik Incorporated is a natural organic beauty care company registered in California, USA. All Zatik trade marks are registered and all rights reserved. Your use or continued use of this site constitutes your acceptance of these terms and conditions of use and waiver of liability on the part of the Company Entities. Our website’s content is subject to following terms and provisions. We would like to make your shopping as smooth and convenient as possible.

Purchase of Products

  1. The terms from Zatik’s site apply during the time that you purchase an order. The products, free samples, and services available on our website are for customer’s personal use only. Products or samples are not for resell. Zatik reserves the right to cancel any order that may result in the violation of our Terms and Provisions.
  2. Valid customers will have an option to process payment via PayPal or through our 2CheckOut security service. Zatik Inc. does not collect your credit card or billing information.
  3. Once your order is completed, Zatik will send you an email receipt, accepting and processing your order. In the case we decline your order; we will provide full monetary refund. Price of the products will be displayed in US dollars on the website at the time when the order was submitted for processing.
  4. We will provide availability, services, and information about Zatik’s products as accurately as possible. However, we don’t guarantee that the entire product descriptions and claims are complete or verified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). We rely on scientific and historic findings on all of the used ingredients in our personal care products. Since, we only use plant ingredients in all of our products, they are not intended to immediately treat, cure, prevent, or diagnose any disease or any type of skin condition. For specific medical conditions and symptoms consult your physician.
  5. Our entire product line is prepared with organically certified essential oils, nut, vegetable and flower oils, various plant, and fruit extracts. Some of our products may contain food grade organic alcohol, organic glycerin, and naturally derived surfactants (foaming agents). Full description and ingredient list is provided in product categories. If for any reason allergic reaction or irritation is encountered you should stop using Zatik’s products and contact your physician for further assistance.