Zatik is a ladybug, an insect that symbolizes beauty and good fortune. Through its natural activity the tiny ladybug protects plants from harm, allowing them to thrive organically. Zatik products strive to emulate the ladybug’s gentle power. Zatik beauty products are created in Glendale, California without mass production; using fresh raw botanicals cultivated along the pacific coast, on USDA-certified organic farms without the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

In 2005, husband and wife duo combined their science and business skills to craft raw beauty products. They utilize science to determine the most beneficial essential botanicals to enhance radiant beauty. Their products are produced at room temperature to retain the integrity of the nutrients and essential minerals that exist in the oils and botanical extracts.

The Zatik team is passionately motivated to creating all of its products without the use of any preservatives, parabens, synthetic ingredients, petrochemicals, artificial colors, or fragrances. Beauty products should not make us age!